Tuesday 19 June 2007

encoding... Te Ge Te Be Te

Kanojo no kao wa kawai desu ne...
TGTBT, too good to be true

Long time no 'see' I should say to that phrase
The wing is not broken like you think
It's just that
I'm not in the mood to fly
alone by myself

I wonder if you also feel
that the wind...
is getting too big
that I couldn't stay freezing any longer
should I just let the path
covered by the falling leaf?

Every time I close my eyes,
I feel that...
the time walks too fast
as we somehow learn more about life
and cheering up the day
masking the daily activities
and it is a bit tiring, isn't it?
when you probably realize
we should have more faith than estimated
but still...
our day is always beautiful as usual, isn't it?

~ mata ashita ~


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