Friday 24 June 2011

The Saffron

Arm candy...

When I spend my own money for the sake of someone else, people judge I am doing a good thing.
When I spend my own money for the sake of pampering my self, people judge I am being ignorant.
But apparently, people's judgments do not increase the amount of money in my hands, neither decrease it.
And of course, life goes on.

Monday 20 June 2011

Fendi Mia bag

Sale frenzy...

Fendi Mia bag, from Browns

Superb customer service and super fast shipping....

... judging from the size of the bag, I can carry the world with me.

Saturday 4 June 2011

Bontje mee?


 WD my passport SE 1 TB + casing: 126.5 EUR

Lancaster Universo Chronograph: 465 GBP -> 117 GBP

Samsonite Freeminder: 170 GBP -> 43 GBP

Tresor Secret: 229 GBP -> 60 GBP

Ri2k Missy bag: 125 GBP -> 40 GBP

Missoni frame: 158 -> 25 GBP

Hobo International Jude bag: 150 GBP -> 39.74 GBP

Blue Yeti: 108 EUR

Piel Frama: 84.95 EUR

Sam Ubhi: 135 GBP -> 27 GBP

 Sam Ubhi: 73 GBP -> 14.4 GBP

iPad 2: 680 EUR

Night Owl Roma quilt cover: 70 GBP -> 22 GBP

Night Owl Leaf Texture quilt cover: 120 GBP -> 41 GBP

Michael Michael Kors Collete bag: 445.31 -> 133.59 EUR

Michael Michael Kors stretch-wool jacket: 234.37 EUR -> 82.03 EUR

Skin care: 191.6 USD

When life often costs A LOT, would you still like to see the receipt?

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