Monday 22 February 2010

The wonderful you

I don't know exactly what you think about yourself, or what people say about you, but I do believe that you are a wonderful person. You, with all the great things you did, with all the silly things you've ever done, with all the mistakes you've ever made, with all that complicated things you created, must have a lot of amazing things going on in your life. I can understand that sometimes people say some things hurtful about you. They judge you, they blame you, they deliberately say there is something wrong about you, and they plainly label you this or that. They unconsciously drag you into a lot of doubts about your existence, lead you to questioning your own confidence. While it's natural to feel sad about those kind of things, you might want to keep in mind that you are always wonderful, no matter what people say. Even if you are on the lowest state of self assurance, please have time to believe that there are people out there who love you the way you are. If you feel everyone seems to disagree that you have a lot of extraordinary things going on in your life, then at least consider me as the person who will acknowledge how special you are.

Isn't it great to have someone appreciate all the little things you do? Isn't it sweet to have someone recognize how wonderful you are? Isn't it nice to have someone accept you the way you are? Well... while it is good to know that I am one of those people who will agree that you are a great person, it actually will be even better if first thing first you are the one who acknowledges your own capability. Don't you think so?

When you look yourself in the mirror, what kind of face do you see? Is that the real you? Or is it the person people tell you to be? Or the person you think you are supposed to be? And the most important thing to ask is... are you happy with that person you see in the mirror? Is that really the person you are comfortable to be? If you are happy, then I want to congratulate you, but if you're not, then I would like to have a little chit chat with you. If you don't mind of course.

Well... I want you to sit there... and relax. I don't know what kind of environment helping you more relax, but let's imagine you are sitting in the front yard, near the beach, with the sound of waves breezing tenderly. You can feel the wind softly touch your skin. You can hear the birds singing cheerfully. You can feel the sun shines decorating the view. You can see the sky enchanting its blue color. You are breathing regularly, as you used to be. It's just that now you are more relax, you are now smiling, you are... more free. As now I am an outsider of that soothing atmosphere you have there, I think I can start to conclude something... you look amazing when you are relax. Oh well... actually it seems to me you look a bit vulnerable there, but still sweet. And your smile looks gentle, giving me those nice goosebumps. Hmm... should I say that it is such an honor for me to see those wonderful sides of you?

Let's go back to the last case, about the person you see in the mirror. I think everyone has their own case about this thing. And you don't need to explain about it in details, you can keep it secret if that is more convenient for you. But I want you to know for sure, that for whatever reasons, you definitely have rights to be the real you. And if being selfish is one of those funny things revolved in this world, then the selfish me, like everybody else, also deserve to know you as the real you. So the question is, how far are you willing to show us the real you?

As far as I understand, there are times in which you are afraid to show your true self. You are afraid of being hurt, rejected, unappreciated, abandoned. Sometimes the world is plain unfair, and end up igniting you to shut yourself. But how long do you think you can live in such darkness? How long are you willing to let yourself imprisoned in such thoughts? And if you think that nobody is able to understand your circumstances, then how about trying to talk it with me? I might not be able to guarantee that I will understand you completely, but I will not bite you for being who you are.

You see, a little laughter is worth a while. The more I know you, the more I can see how amazing you are. But let's face the reality, being amazing itself is not enough. You also need to know how to show people that amazing side of you. 'Cause well... pardon us for the clueless situation, but sometimes we simply can't get the hints you drop. And frankly saying, it's a bit unfair if you demand us to understand you, but you yourself don't drop clear clues. Don't you think so?

Do you want to know a little secret I keep about you? Well,,, it's like what I find in everybody else, I find you as the most attractive person when you are being honest. You shared some childish stories, you talked some unimportant matters, you threw some silly jokes, you enthusiastically talked about your hobbies, you out of nowhere shared some to-do-lists, and with no reasons dropped a long story about your dreams. While I sometimes couldn't understand the sudden acts you did, I actually enjoyed the way you presented those things. It was natural, it was familiar, it was simply interesting. That very moment I understand, despite the belief you hold about yourself, I know that your life is colorful, and you deserve that. So, would you mind sharing with us those wonderful moments you have in your life?

You... how is life? How is the progress of you struggling so hard to please people? Well... while it's good to be nice to other people, have you considered yourself as a nice person to yourself? Are you happy with what you are doing now? Do you have some dreams in mind in which you want to make them real? Have you tried your best to reach those hopes and visions? Hmm... I know you are a nice person, well... too nice actually to the point you sometimes have no time for yourself. Then I suggest... you might want to consider the idea to allocate more time for yourself, to improve your own life. Because... let's get real... you are human, in spite the fact you so unbelievably have a lot of time and energy to think and care about the others. You need to recharge yourself, you need to take care of the healthy state of your own body, your own psychology. You need to expand the growth of your knowledge, or maybe the range of your social life. I understand that you want to maintain that low profile of yours, but well... sometimes I am afraid,,, if you keep your profile all the time low, then when will you have yourself reach higher profile state?

You... how clear are you willing to actually show people the wonderful you? If you so doubt that people won't accept you the way you are,,, then how about showing it little by little? Well, I imagine that there might be a little shock here and there to see that sudden change of yours,,, but please bear in mind that while at certain points I or someone else gives you some not-so-nice comments, I believe that people are actually willing to accept the real you. Just please give us some time to fully understand that high uniqueness you have.

Keep shining, keep smiling. The world is not complete without you.

* Disclaimer: This post is an
imaginary illustration, compiled from some random yet true stories. If you find high similarity to certain case, then the chance is ,,, your story is indeed part of the inspiration of this narration. I carefully modify it, but in case you mind, pardon me for writing down some of your story.

I assume you take full responsibility of anything you read, including this post. While you might not seriously take into account the influence of a writing, then I want to remind you that anything you read will influence your thought more or less, so please keep in mind that you are responsible for filtering any philosophy I insert in my writing.

I am so sleepyyyyyyy ....

Wednesday 17 February 2010


Sebagai penyuka blink-blink, bunga, pita, dan sejenisnya,,, maka mari cuci mata heels berikut ini,,,

1. Bourne Premium Diamante Bow Mid Heel Sandal

2. Bourne Premium Snake Bow Front High Heel

3. Bourne Premium Diamante Sash Sandal

4. Oscar de la Renta Metallic rosette slingbacks

Jatuh hati liat bunganya, heheh

5. Christian Louboutin Salopin 85 sandals

Sendalnya cantiiik, tapi sayang harganya oh-mi-god

Sunday 7 February 2010

Treat yourself

Yuhuuu... posting gak penting lagi ah... biar cepet ngantuk,,, mrgreen. Sebagai bekgron, Desember kemaren kampus RuG ngasi Christmas present dengan tema "stay healthy", jadi hadiahnya itu tas olah raga ukuran guedeeee, perlengkapan olah raga, pleus makanan-makanan organik (sebetulnya asa aneh bilang makanan organik, hihihih). Yang jelas kalo beli sendiri mah mahal we lah, sedangkan itu kan gratis, hehe. Eniwei, slogan RuG tentang kesehatan itu mayan sejalan dengan salah satu proyek "personal improvement" Rachma di tahun ini: "being more healthy", yang menurut kamus Rachma translasinya adalah: berat badan nyampe 45 kg tanpa mengubah volume (berarti mesti nambah otot yak ini? mrgreen), tidur cukup dan teratur, konsumsi makanan sehat bergizi, perawatan ekstra buat gigi, pleus kulit lebih sehat

Yang mu Rachma tik kali ini, yang bagian skin treatmentnya, hehehe. Untuk program ini, tentu saja Rachma menyalurkan budget tersendiri,,, dan umm,,, lumayan dananya. Jadi Rachma tambah ngeh apa yang dimaksud dengan "high maintainance"... hahaha. Akhir-akhir ini Rachma lagi seneng manjain diri, lagi pengen menikmati uang. Umm... lebih tepatnya karena rieut, banyak hal yang harus Rachma danai. Di satu sisi, seneng sih punya banyak properti terus dapet aliran dana per bulan yang bisa dikatakan "pasti", tapi di sisi lain jadi pusing sendiri. Bahkan satu waktu Rachma ngerasa jenuh dan kepikiran: lagi bosen nabung ah, lagi pengen poya-poya,,, razz. Pun ketika Rachma bilang dengan lempengnya sama Mama : "Dear Mommy... this month, your beloved daughter wants to spend her salary to treat herself. And unfortunately you have no rights to say no, 'cause in fact ,,, it's her own money, not yours"

So, here they are:

1. Estee Lauder Cyber White Ex Extra Brightening Moisture Creme

Pas Rachma cerita sama temen kalo Rachma order barang ini, temen Rachma langsung bertanya heran: Rachma, buat apa beli pemutih? Kan udah putih, buat apa lagi?" Rachma pun berpikir keras menjawab pertanyaan itu, sebetulnya sih beli karena pengen nyoba-nyoba aja, tapi ngejawab harus rada berargumen dikit kan ya, biar rada keren. Jadi Rachma jawab: buat ngilangin bekas jerawat (padahal cuman samar gak keliatan sama sekali razz), pleus buat bikin complexion lebih rata (padahal udah rata dari sononya, hihihih).

Kasus yang sama terjadi saat Rachma dateng ke counter skincare:
me: Mbak, mau beli serumnya Pond's
sales: (bertanya kebingungan sambil meneliti wajah Rachma dengan seksama) Dek, buat apa beli itu? Adek kan gak ada fleknya, itu serumnya buat ngilangin flek loh
me: (keukeuh pengen beli tuh serum) Pengen ngilangin bekas jerawat Mbak... yang ini... liat... ada bekasnya ....
sales: Mana Dek? itu gak ada bekasnya... udah mulus gitu, gak usah beli serumnya
me: (tetep maksa) yang ini Mbak,,, ada satu... pengen diilangin....
sales: itu nanti juga ilang Dek, sayang kalo kulitnya dipaksain pake serum yang berat. Kalo mau, ini ada serum AHA, dipakein di spot-nya aja (Mbaknya ngasiin tuh serum, merknya gak Rachma kenal)

Mbaknya ngejelasinnya enakeun, gak pake maksa-maksa... dan jadilah Rachma beli serum itu, heheh. Tapi kurang suka pakenya, soalnya prinsipnya kan peeling, jadi wajah tuh suka merah-merah gitu, kaya yang abis facial. Jadi Rachma stop pake serumnya. Hikmah yang Rachma ambil pas ngobrol sama Mbak-Mbak tadi itu... umm... yang benar-benar tau masalah kita, ya kita sendiri, selama kita gak nunjukkin gi punya masalah, orang lain ya gak akan langsung ngeh, kecuali kalo dia paranormal (jeli dan peka maksutnyah razz). Waktu itu, kenapa Rachma keukeuh pengen beli tuh serum ,,, ya karena ada bekas jerawat itu. Padahal itu asli bekasnya gak keliatan,,, hihihih. Itu mah sebenernya karena sugesti, karena di keluarga besar tuh pada strict ama kulit, jadi kalo ada bekas jerawat ato luka dikit aja suka diomelin ke sana ke mari. Dan kadang Rachma dengernya jadi suka stres sendiri, hihihih.

Kasus lain adalah pas lagi ngobrol sama temen-temen. Banyakannya kan pake produk BodyShop, terus Rachma nanya: eh, kalo dari BodyShop ada yang buat ngilangin komedo gak? Mendengar pertanyaan ini temen Rachma langsung terheran-heran: Buat apa Ma? Rachma kan gak ada komedonya. Kulitnya bersih gitu, apanya yang mau diilangin. Ntar malah jadi gede lo pori-porinya. Rachma pun langsung menuju cermin dan memeriksa dengan seksama... huhuhuh... emang gak ada komedonya sih... tapi... pengen lebih bersih aja,,, sayah teh sieun dimarahin ama Bibi dan Uwak kalo kulit wajah keliatan gak bersih (emang ini mah jatuhnya udah paranoid,,, razz).

2. Laneige Strawbery Yoghurt Peeling Gel

Demi menggantikan serum AHA, Rachma pun akhirnya memutuskan untuk nyoba peeling gel-nya Laneige. Katanya sih bagus,,, yeah, we'll see.

3. Kose Seikisho Mask White

Dalam rangka bikin wajah lebih bersih, Rachma pun beli maskernya Kose. Tuh masker ampuh banget buat bersiin wajah, terus hasilnya kulit jadi lembuuuut banget. Recommended lah pokoknya.

4. Toner

Untuk toner ini, Rachma punya dua, yang dari Kose sama dari Lancome. Fungsi keduanya sih mirip, bikin wajah keliatan lebih fresh, dan emang kulitnya jadi keliatan sehat, even toned complexion, dan "dewy". Rachma beli dua tentu saja karena pengen nyoba-nyoba aja razz. Kalo alasan kerennya sih biar kulit wajahnya gak bergantung ke satu merk, jadi minimal emang mesti punya dua merk skin care.

- Kose Medicated Sekkisei Cosmetic Lotion

- Lancome Blanc Expert Neuro-White X3 Ultimate Whitening Beauty Lotion Moist

5. Juju Cosmetics Aquamoist Essence

Ini dia serum favorit, bikin kulit wajah lebih fresh, sehat banget, dan haluuuuus (jyahaha,, dah mirip iklan razz). Sekarang kemasannya beda, lebih keliatan produk skin care. Yang kemasan dulu di atasnya kan pake semacam pipet tetes,,, yang langsung berfungsi kaya "cap" ... bener-bener mirip chemical jar.

6. Eye cream

Berhubung sering begadang nyari hiburan, jadinya kadang keliatan ada "eye-bag" yang tentu saja mengganggu... Ato karena kadang sering nangis gak jelas, jadi ada kerutan di sekitar mata (haiyah,,, ini alasan dibuat-buat demi pembenaran beli eye cream, xixixix)... jadi ... wahai ladies,,,, penggunaan eye-cream itu sangatlah krusial... (ya bukannya lebay sih, tapi kalo gak ada eye bag dan bebas kerutan kan keliatan lebih fresh gitu,,, razz... matanya jadi keliatan lebih hidup, lebih indah wink ).

Dulu Rachma pake eye creamnya Clinique... tapi bete ama harganya, muahal. Terus pake yang murah, eye creamnya Ponds. Sekarang mu nyoba dari Lancome yang antispot dan anti darks circles. Itupun karena ada di travel kit Blanc Expert... lumayan kalo jalan-jalan gak usah ribet bawa perlengkapan skincare, hehe.

- Lancome Blanc Expert Eye Serum

- Lancome Blanc Expert Travel Kit

7. Serum Eye Lash

Tentu saja, tak ketinggalan,,, salah satu serum eyelash,,, Rachma suka produk DHC Eye Lash Tonic. Sebelumnya pernah nyoba juga Zino, tapi lebih sreg sama DHC.

- DHC Eye Lash Tonic

- Zino Eyelash Enhancing Serum

Hmm... nge-blog bener-bener ampuh bikin ngantuk.
See ya.

Being a scientist is
fundamentally powerful,
you can be smart, yet pretty and stylish

Thursday 4 February 2010

Gold on hand

Tadi siang di lab... Rachma mecahin banyak alat gelas, ada yang gak sengaja kesenggol, ada yang lagi dipegang terus jatuh karena tutup vialnya belum terkunci, ada yang ujug-ujug retak. Udah gitu, salah bikin larutan, numpahin larutan, salah ngencerin sampel,,,,,arrghhhh pokokna mah tadi kerja meneketehe we lah, disebut gak konsen... itu justru konsen tingkat tinggi, malem sebelumnya ampe kepikiran ngitung molaritas, mu sambil masak, sambil sepedahan, pas mau tidur (ampe pas bangun tau-tau udah shubuh),,,, kerja udah gak merhatiin hari dan jam,,, hihihih udah mulai kena sindrom PhD tahun ke-3 kali yak. Hmm,,, time does fly.

Eniwei,,, ehm ehm,,, mari-mari cuci mata, bikin postingan tanpa perlu mikir, heheh. Umm... kali ini Rachma mu review hasil belanjaan. Alasan utama belanja sebenernya karena pengen nyari hiburan ajah, jadi larinya ke belanja tas-tas lucu pleus baju. Alasan lain karena lagi pengen manjain diri, lagi gak mood sama beberapa hal, efek jahatnya jadi pengen menghambur-hamburkan uang buat diri sendiri. Tepatnya lagi pengen ngasi pelajaran, just because I am being nice, that doesn't mean that people are free to do all things as they please. There are boundaries called respect and honor. One should be deeply sorry for playing around with my decision. Hmm... tapi mungkin jadi pelajaran juga sih, buat diinget sepanjang hayat,,, manusia itu kalo terlalu dibaikkin malah jadi ngelunjak.

Anyhow... some cute things I have recently:
- Beberapa sweater, coat, dan baju baru, ngabisin uang sekian sekian, hehehe
- Lemari baru, alasannya sih buat nyimpen TV, terus buat mengakomodasi hasil belanja,,, dua lemari ternyata udah gak cukup
- Oleh-oleh dari temen yang baru liburan di Jepang: gantungan hp Hello Kitty lagi pake baju samurai. Walo tuh baju item menyeramkan, tetep we kalo yang make Hello Kitty mah keliatan lucu, hihihi. I am so loving it, dan dengan bangganya pamer tuh Hello Kitty ama temen-temen mrgreen
- Bag... bag... bag... and bag, bought from Secretsales. Here they are:

1. Babyphat

2. Claudia Canova, part of Smith and Canova

3. Smith and Canova

4. Ri2k

5. Jansport

Sebetulnya yang beneran Rachma perlu itu yang Jansport aja, yang lainnya karena cuman pengen nyoba-nyoba merk baru, pengen tau kualitasnya. Kesimpulan sementara, yang kualitas leather nya sreg banget di hati adalah Ri2k dan Billy Bag. Dengan catatan, belinya pas lagi sale. Beli full price mah bikin saldo tabungan berkurang cukup banyak, hehehe. Oh, sebetulnya kemaren-kemaren agak bete juga, tas Marc Jacobs yang jadi wish list ternyata dah gak dijual lagi. Terus, karena masih penasaran sama tas-tas yang beneran branded, jadi lagi nyari model lain yang cocok. Hunting tas branded ini cuman buat fun aja, cuman buat ngilangin penasaran. Rachma gak abis pikir, kenapa satu tas harganya bisa puluhan juta... jadi biar gak penasaran, nyoba beli satu mah gpp kali razz.

- Dan tak lupa, tentu saja, program beli TV dalam rangka membuat hidup lebih hidup razz. Akhirnya, pilihan jatuh pada Philips 22PFL5614. Alasannya, biar khas Belanda jadinya milih Philips, terus beratnya masih daerah 5 kg, full HD, bisa plug and play via usb port pleus kelebihan lainnya. Tentu saja alasan yang tak kalah penting: modelnya yang lucu ituh. Sebetulnya, Rachma malah kepikiran beli yang seri 9000, ada ambilight khas Philips, keren liatnya, sayang harganya ikutan keren, heheheh. Rachma order TV-nya kemaren-kemaren, tapi dasar udeh nasib kali yak... karena tuh toko ngasi harga murah banget, jadi banyak yang beli gitu kayanya, jadi weh udah out of stock deui. Estimasi pengirimannya jadi awal bulan depan. Hhhh... gimana ini... perlu hiburannya sekarang,,, hmm,,,, belajar sabar kali yak biggrin.

Philips 22PFL5614, isn't the TV gorgeous? mrgreen

Hoho, ternyata ngetik blog ampuh buat bikin cepet ngantuk. Sebelum tidur, mu nyebarin iklan ah,,, TV-nya keren-keren, jadi pengen punya rumah sendiri, biar punya alasan buat beli TV flat yang guedeeeee,,,, heuheuheu.

It might be a little bit cliche but please spend your money wisely mrgreen.

Have a great day, everybody.

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