Friday 2 March 2012

Het zwart

Comfy shoes, a fabulous bag, and a fancy dress can assemble a nice attire.
Add some accessories, and when you look in the mirror... you can see the other side of you.

Walk in harmony, with confidence.
Show a nice smile and say hi to everyone.
You will find yourself radiating a good vibe.

It is a given that people respond nicely to a person radiating happiness.
Nevertheless, when you examine the reality once in a while, of course not everyone is happy for you. 
There are always some people who envy you with a lot of hatred.
But you keep walking, gracefully.
Because you know, somewhere deep down in your heart, that it is always wise to cherish your life, no matter what.

And we all know, we can never go wrong with black shoes and a black bag ;).

Bally shoes, from theOutnet

Marc Jacobs Wellington Classic bag, from Vinicioboutique


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