Thursday 10 April 2008 taim....

Everything is about probability
Not consciousness nor honesty
It depends on how brave you move on
How hard you try
How deep you trust your own faith
A matter of time only

But it sacrifices patient a lot
Sometimes it just drags you out of the door
And leaves you there out of nowhere
No light, not even splashes

Who cares with those things if you can smile a lot
I can see a rainbow within your eyes
And that is more than enough
But you know we are gambling with time
Falling deeply with probability

It's random for sure
Maybe I move
And you suddenly stop walking
Perhaps you run
And I just sit, watching you feeling tired
Suppose to smile
But the tears come down

I have ...
No energy left to observe those kind of things
Such that I am tired way much deeper than you are
There is no map, no guide, no watch
Only warm embrace flying around
Creating some illusions
We all fall too deep
Separated, separately
Only God knows what is actually going on


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