Tuesday 21 October 2008

Taken for granted

Everybody has their own pride. Everyone needs to be acknowledged. Every person on earth wants to be honored, even for a very simple thing. Of course, there are people out there smartly covering their soul when they realize that they are taken for granted by certain people in certain circumstances... but still, each human being will be much happier if they are respected for who they are. Cause in fact, every baby was born precious. Although sometimes, as two persons become somewhat closer, certain people tend to forget this respect-related things. As time goes by, certain people tend to take the other one for granted, and start losing their honors and respects. This case leads to the presence of void in one's life, makes the other person feeling exhausted.

It is clearly stated, one should stand on his/her own feet. It is not wise to think or to hope that the void will be filled by the presence of significant other. Even if the void was caused by except-me things, in the end the one who should take responsibility of anything happens to our life is ourselves, not anybody else.

I don't want to take you -whoever you are- for granted. I believe everyone is special, precious, important, for who they are. I am sure, everyone is able to shine very brightly. Even if only there was no body able to notice his/her brightness, it was probably just because of some people's fault for being "blind". I don't want to be "blind" people. I don't want to live in doubts. I do want to "see" and respect every single thing coming to my life. I want to treasure every moment, learn it right, expand it right, and apply it right to live the most proper life.

I respect you -whoever you are- as I respect my self. I trust you, your words, your promises as I trust myself, my mind, my heart, my intuition. I value your life, your freedom, your happiness as I value mine. I honor your presence in my life as the most beautiful moment. I don't want to take you for granted. Anytime, anywhere, you are always special, you are an important person for who you are. I respect you, I honor you just the way you are.

Camaraderie, for a friend
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Daijoubu desu ka?


Anonymous said...

such a nice posting and meaningful words..

Rachmawati said...

Thank you. Hope it is inspiring :).

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