Sunday 4 December 2011

The perceived value

It is December..

In less than a month it will be a new year.
A new year.

That means, next year I will be 27. Twenty seven... Hmm... I guess I am getting old. I presume getting old means getting wiser, at least a step wiser than the previous year. Don't you agree?

Here in Europe, being 27 means you are not getting any subsidy on travel cost. That is, you are regarded as a mature person who already has a good job and does not need the government to support your living cost, in some particular case of course. So, being 26 means I still have that luxury perceived value to take advantage of whatever it is designed for "young generations". But apparently, even now... I just feel that my life gets stuck for some reasons. And I don't like the vibe I am feeling when I think about the age transition. It's just... I don't know... I am not too excited about it.

Generally speaking, people should be able to create his/her own perceived value. To make themselves presentable, so to say. Judging from my history, it seems that the perceived value of a person was imprinted long long time ago, even before the person recognizes it.

Can the value fool someone?
Of course.

Back in the old days, I always think that being kind means you have to be nice to a person every time, anywhere, conscious and unconsciously. Now, when I get older, facing some good and bad days, get a little naughtier, I find out that sometimes, in order to be as effective as it is, I just need to make people perceive a kindness when we interact directly. The rest is just a mind set and a vibe branding. I also find that branding my self as a nice person is not always a good idea, know...there are just some people out there who feel insecure just because someone else seems to be "nicer". And sometimes it can get complicated too for unreasonable matters.

Do you need to adjust your perceived value?
Well, why would you?

When I feel someone intrudes my peaceful life, I tend to label the person as an "intruder". A person in which I pretty much do not pay attention to, and I could not careless about his/her life. I feel obligated to be nice to such person when I interact directly, but generally do not care too much in a daily basis. Vice versa, I also do not demand such person to take care of me. I pretty much appreciate if such person do not involve too often in the history of my life.

I used to try hard to adjust back then, but currently when I find that someone does not fit in the rhythm of my life, I simply label the person as an "outsider". I choose to be rather selfish to not complicate my life, and walk forward as my life has to go on.

Should you improve your perceived value?
Apparently yes.

When people think that you are somewhat on a lower level, you can get ditched easily. Well, at least that what I have learned. Of course there are also some people who do not have time to look on the mirror and just treat everyone else in a very rude way. At first, I thought this person must have something special to have such high confidence and treat others impolitely. But after some times, I found out that for some reasons you don't need to really have something in order to make people think you have something. Apparently, being shameless and ignorant are probably some skills needed to polish a perceived value of a person.

So, how high do you perceive your own value?

Hmm... You might even find it as a strange question. As a matter of fact, sometimes I also feel frightened to think how much I have changed in perceiving the world, people, and everything in between. I do not know that getting old means dealing with some more complicated things. Often times I feel really tired of living and have no idea what to do. Maybe that is just me. Or maybe... I just need to take some days off to have fun.


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