Sunday 22 July 2007

The world of cubics

How many angles can your eyes see?
Need more mirrors?
or probably... more detectors?

I start asking to the moon light
whispering a pray
within the dark of night
begin to bloom twinkling in the sky
how many angles can you detect?

My heart is floating
bringing the drops of tomorrow's rain
It's cold, and everything starts freezing
what does your retina get?
cubic? circle? triangle?
do you need more clues?

Wonderful scenes,
that's the people say
but I just can't feel it now...
or is it me...who needs more detectors?
do you think so?
and you are just standing there
in the silhouette
smiling, blaming, and probably laughing
do you need more mirrors?

I see so many junks...
all over, that I begin to cry
alone in the corner
which angle can you detect?

If the pigeon can talk
probably it will teach me how to use the wings properly
or it will just stand near the window
hoping no rain will come down today
and I wonder,
what angles can the pigeon detect?
cause it suddenly flies
when I try to look it back
is it cubic?

Everyone is looking for a convenient place
that's the birds are trying to tell
that's why they always fly
from one place to another
to another
and to another
and I can only look the up sky...
breathing the air...wondering
can we just have one place to stay?

I found...
it is a bit tiring...
that I just want to fly to the moon
crossing the skies
having a new shelter
I doubt if I have enough things to leave

and again,
you just sit peacefully on your comfort chair
blaming, doing nothing
and you claim, you are the one who gets hurt
it's too cubical
too many angles
but less detector
do you need to buy some new mirrors?


Anonymous said...

what a long poem from a women having some feeling

Rachmawati said...

:D, tadinya mu dibikin lebih panjang lagi..
ngantuk sudah melanda saat itu, hehehe :P

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