Sunday 2 November 2008

First hand

The light brightens up the city tonight
yellowish, in circles, flying in the air
they glow, randomly in silence
upon the the root of my thought
beyond the dark of the sky
within the curve of my life scarf

Tell me more
about your story
day and night
happy and sad
cry and laughter
even pain and sorrow
I will listen
I will listen
I will listen

Tell me more
the song of your wishes
the melody of your hopes
the simple ones
the complicated ones
I will listen
I will listen
I will listen

Whatever it is, I like it to hear straight from the person.
First hand first trust.
Wise people say, sometimes ignorance is a bliss.
Mari perangi prasangka 23.

Hoho, besok dah senin lageeee.
Time does flies when we have fun.
Have fun meratapi hidup, hueheheheheh razz.


Anonymous said...

pertamax! hehehehe...
wew.. teteh, blognya naiisss! :D

beugh! disono 9 derajat???

i like that quote : sometimes ignorance is a bliss ^^

Rachmawati said...

yep, masih di atas nol kok, walo mayan sering nyampe 2 derajat, kulitnya dah beradaptasi, gak terlalu kedinginan :)

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