Monday 1 December 2008


Music is incredible. By hearing it... I find my mind traveling somewhere beyond logic. Music, for some reasons, could be a good way to heal pain. A pain that I my self couldn't formulate why and how it could exist. Music, for another reason, is a wonderful tone representing feeling and thoughts. The ones that couldn't be transcribed as words.

I do admire those who have beautiful mind to be able to create some brilliant music sheets. They even graft their soul on the melody, such that sometimes it freezes me, makes me stunned in a strange way. The way they transfer joy, happiness, sadness, sorrow, loneliness, or anger... transformed in such beautiful manner. I wish I could grab those feeling, to enrich my daily-regular life.

Music could act like a loyal friend lively. It cheers me up when I need some entertainments. It chuckles me much just to hear some strange tunes inserted on a rich melody. It swaps away sadness, brightens up my days in just one cranky sound. It's a lovely form of warmth, an invisible hug, a long life cares, a subtle way to spread wonderful sense of life. Ik hou van muziek.

Somehow, I miss my keyboard.


Anonymous said...

This is not inspired by my writing, is it? :p I Agree. Well, probably you should think of learning some more-portable music instruments.

Btw, what "Ik hou van muziek" means?

Rachmawati said...

Ah, a little bit inspired.
Hehehe, just kidding. I was lonely, and missed my keyboard. Even though I don't master the whole keys of music yet, playing around with my keyboard is always nice. At least my own hand playing the music sheet, and I can sing with it :D.

Rachmawati said...

I forgot to mention... Ik hou van muziek means I love music :).

Lesly Septikasari said...

musik membawa suasana, bikin jadi enak memang.. musik dan tawa bikin hidup lebih indah. sayang, sy cuma bakat denger doang :p

Rachmawati said...

Hehe, yah yang namanya penikmat musik kan emang mesti jadi pendengar dulu :D

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