Monday 9 March 2009

The shining soul

You know you are a great person
You know you deserve better
You know you can move forward faster
You know you can be stronger than ever
You know

But, sometimes...
I sense you're feeling lost
I sense you're feeling lonely
I feel you hiding in silence
Suppressing the greatness in you
To be humble, so to say
You let the great you forgotten
Little by little
Just to be humble

I can see at a glance
What a nice person you are
Trying to make everyone happy
But softly let yourself being sad
Alone in the corner
Again, hiding the great you
Far far away

I see you let yourself falling
Even make the sadness growing larger
The diamond in your heart sparkles even lesser
You start making your days gloomy than ever
Then I wonder
What makes it worth seeing yourself falling into the dark?
For what reasons you let yourself hurt like that?

And with a warm smile
Please, bring out the best in you
Have more faith
Let yourself free to live a more happy life
We all know...
Showing the world how great you are... is not a crime

... Looking forward to seeing you smiling happily


ganDA RAHman garNADI said...

(sedikit) merasa tersindir...
hehe... geer

Rachmawati said...

Geer juga gpp kok Gan.

Jadi hari ini udah senyum berapa kali?

ANG Traders said...

Lovelyy blog you have here

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