Tuesday 16 March 2010

At a glance

I hear that song, again and again
I feel the vibe continuously vibrating
I remember that line, again and again
I feel the empathy consciously streaming
Simply, I remember those sparks flashing here and there

Sometimes I hope
I can ask the wind what whisper is actually spilling
Sometimes I wonder
If only I can clearly grasp the pray that is currently flowing
Sometimes I end up standing
Watching the glow floating within the dark
I am thinking, trying to understand
And perhaps wishing to take home that silent smile

This world is modestly a funny place
That even under the shadow of the moonlight
I try to swipe that moment
Wrap it, hide it
Secretly spreading a slice of happiness
Winking, dispersing the spell
Blowing it all together

I wish I could recognize it sooner
I wish I could know it better
I wish I could comprehend it deeper
But then again, this world is simply a merry place
Yet the star out there, it is always twinkling beautifully
It harmonizes the tender voice that flies highly
It is like a lullaby
It keeps repeating, again and again
I remember it, again and again
And yes, it makes me very happy


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