Saturday 26 May 2007


You start resembling the sketch
In which I'm so afraid to think of
You start swinging your wing
and touch one part of this unhealthy heart
I just can't accept the way you treat me in silence
that I start to try making you out of my mind

But the dream seems not to be friendly this time
forced to think that you are someone coming for the future
and stupidly spread the fragrance of happiness in my life
It's just a colorful imagination though
That for some reason...
makes me desperately want to accelerate the time
to know the real one

I am so tired
too heavy to take a deep breath
too dark to see your existence
too noisy to think clearly
I need to think over many things
need a comfort shelter
a nice look
a really warm hug
and a big smile
will you?

...pagi di hari sabtu...
Merenungi lagi makna jatuh cinta yang hakiki
and still wonder why you keep visiting my dream

*Gambar diambir dari web.


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