Tuesday 15 January 2008

A warm smile

That's I can remember, a warm smile, a happy laughter

Sometimes, I did wonder why you smile so often
I did look for something funny
but least I could find
afraid I would miss something
but none so far

But that's enough though
leaving a very nice footprint in my memory
that when you do see me again
all I can remember is happiness
nothing I shall worry
nor doubt

It seems like a very long journey
if in the end, the story ties so tight to you
that maybe I laugh so loudly to figure out all
cause now I do feel afraid
of every rush thing coming ahead

neither... calling you
nor talking to you
the least I can do is waiting
wondering how big the wind blows
afraid all will be frozen
or maybe collapsed
nothing to be taken

I have stopped thinking what you often discuss about
not because I don't care
but most because I lost the hope somewhere
even when you flirt every single star in the sky
it makes no difference for me
cause in my head... all look the same

Don't try to amaze me
there are so many barriers twinning around
though if you can
there is still time curve waiting to turn you down
even if you are close enough
the light can blink
even twinkle
break all the plan
once in a time

All, despite the fact... I like your warm smile

Happy smile, everybody.


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