Monday 16 February 2009

Flash back

There is moment,
When I am enforced to think, have I ever really known somebody?
To remind, what have we done actually?
To rationalize and rewind all the memories, how could it turn no trace?
So many things I want to know, but no further questions asked
So many things I want to judge, but end up speechless
I want to scream out loudly, but end up in silence
I feel so deeply sad, but no tears come down
I want to cry for sure, but end up laughing
So unbelievably shocking, but end up being calm
The world seems to be upside down
The time seems to suddenly stop
My heart is enforced frozen
Suddenly feel scared
Have I ever really known the world?
Though I feel so light, so enchanted light

Wake up, girl.
Time to grow up.
More smiles, more happiness.

Otagai ganbarimashou ;)
... Preparing the most perfect hi to welcome the future 24 years old me.


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