Wednesday 25 February 2009


The tendency to idealize someone, known as pink lense effect, can magnify a person's characters up to our imagination about the ideal one. It only needs a small igniter that will grow up people's imagination, and pink lense effect will do the rest. That's why, people often say that first impression is really important. That's because the first igniter will propagate or make up another good things, which sometimes it's probably not true, end up creating an ideal personality. One way or another, we will take responsibility of anything we do, anything we set, along with anything we don't do and anything we don't mean to, including this pink lense effect.

I often wonder why a man, a random one, is so boosted up to chase some women in the same time, gambling with whom he will end up. Is that natural character? I mean ... is that really the universe's rule? On the other side, I also wonder ... could it be that a woman, a random one, might accidentally spread the pink lense effect? Or more specific, do I also unconciously create pink lense effect to people? Because if that's true, then I am really in a big trouble, need to think how I should responsible of that case. Or is it also one of the universe's rule? In the meaning that it's not my fault if somebody is affected by the pink lense effect... so I can just treat those phenomena lightly? Is that really okay to be that carefree?

One day, one of my friend said that the important thing is ... when someone is in the process to get to know each other with his/her future mate, the process is in a good and nice term. Sure I agreed with that premise, but then I wonder... isn't it called bad process when a person has bad term with another people, and only care about the good term with his/her mate. Don't you think so? And still... this universe is not a place to apply ideal thoughts. Only a few people determine to do that. Only a few.

Just once in a while, random thoughts are coming to my peaceful mind. To just wonder... can I really get married with just anybody with the determination to learn to love him right? Still I can't imagine that, still I can't do that. I still believe, a man is a human who is supposed to be respected and honored honestly, to the point that when I acknowledge him,,, when I say the "yes" word, I do it with all my heart. It's not that I want to get married, but ... I want to marry somebody. And the man cannot be a random one. Cannot. And yes, I understand... every couple has their own timeline, the perfectly designed one.

Yes, honesty demands a lof of sacrifice
Only a few people dare to live in it
Are we part of those people?


Anonymous said...

Yes, honesty demands a lot of sacrifice
Only a few people dare to live in it

hmmm, menurutku sih honesty is a must Ma... whatever it demands

Rachmawati said...

ya, agree :).

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