Thursday 20 March 2008

It takes time

It takes time for me to figure out all
to understand what actually world looks like
to understand what faith means
to understand every rush things
to understand my self

It was not easy to cure a broken heart, not at all. Furthermore when I did realize I couldn't share it with anybody, that I should stand on my own feet, I had to face all by my self. It was not easy, that when I did felt half of my life was taken away, no one actually noticed nor took care. It was hard, too hard that I felt everything was forced frozen, including my only heart. Too gloomy that I had stop hoping something, even when I tried to cheer up my self, I was too tired.

Everything will not be the same again, will not. Though for some reasons, that was probably a good moment to start acting like an adult should be. To walk on a right path. I did felt like being betrayed, by love itself. I imagined a smooth-nice-fairy-tale love, and suddenly it crashed with reality. Too many, that I got shocked, too tiring in the end.

When I was in deep thinking to forget the existence of happiness, I found the missing piece. I was too happy to think that...the piece might not fit any more, the piece might belong to somebody else. It reminded me of everything, every sorrow, every pain, to state that happiness is extremely priceless. No matter how deep my feeling is, I still have to put logic in front of everything. And who knows, when it comes to hold everything, it creates another story, another pain. It needs more courage, more sacrifice, more patient.

Looking forward for the future? Yeah, I do. I am curious what kind of faith will bind us. The time will test our patient for sure. It's always a good thing to look forward for what will be happening.

*duh, ternyata cape kalo curhat pake bahasa Inggris, heuheuheuh :D. Prague, I'm coming ^^....


theswanrose said...


there's no better medicine for broken heart than time, ma...kadang ketika kita bisa fully cure from the broken heart, you'll be amazed with what you have accomplished...and the pain was worth it...

Rachmawati said...

Iya, setuju... waktu memang ampuh :D.

Ditambah orang-orang terdekat yang bersedia menghibur, heheheh, jadi emang terhibur :D

Anonymous said...

"there's no better medicine for broken heart than time"

Haduhhh ... Bahasa orang dewasa ini mah, nggak ngerti. :p

Rachmawati said...

Emang, akhir-akhir ini ada yang ujug-ujug dewasa, hihi, kayanya ada pengaruh Eneng

*ampe ada istilah Neng-sick di status ym*


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