Thursday 13 March 2008

No more anonymous

Please people,

I kindly ask you not to use anonymous name when leaving a foot print on my blog :).
I greatly welcome anyone to be my friend, thus please... please... use your own name.
It has been two people asking about their identity used on my blog, to know the fact that someone even use other's real name.

I will not bite you for typing something in my blog :D. As always, you are kindly encouraged to type your own words, whatever it is [either the good or the bad ones :D].

If you have something personal to ask, you can contact me via:
yahoo: rachma_chem02 [It's often invisible, but you can give it a buzz, even more buzzes ;)]
gmail: rachmawati.faturachman
skype: myrachmawati
voipbusterpro: myrachmawati
HP: +3164 708 3541
Office phone number: +3150 363 4453
*I rarely check my P990i, so you better phone my office :D*

I keep a track of every visitor of my blog. The data includes: date and time, your IP number [provider, location], your referring url, your destination url, how many times you come back to visit the blog, how long you stay on the blog, information about your computer [operating system, browser, size of monitor], etc etc.

You, as you may see, often find me writing something unnecessary on this blog. That's because blog is one way to look for fun ;). If you want to discuss something serious, or if you find something misunderstood, don't hesitate to contact me. I may be busy [c'mon, I AM busy, everybody is busy with their life :D], but if it's needed, I will arrange my schedule, I really mean it.

Most of the time, I have free time during weekend, Saturday and Sunday ;). So if you think that the discussion will take a longer time, please contact me during week end. For free, of course you can use the so called Voice Over Internet Protocol [VOIP] ;).

Some of my friend asked about psychology [I am not an expert on it, neither a psikiater, but I will try my best to be a good listener :)], some discussed about religion [not a so called ustadzah, but I can share what I have learnt from the well known yellow books], some asked about cooking [well, not an expert also, but I can give some advices based on experiment [cooking in lab], heheheh :D], some also asked about chemistry [I even gave lecture in two hours via VOIP-Ym!, kekekekek =)), luckily the listener was very patient :D]. If I am in the mood to talk, I can talk anything with you [if you find me silent, that for sure I'm not in the mood to talk with anybody ... gomen ne, that's the selfish of me ~_~ ].

I don't mean to threaten anybody. So please, if you have something to ask, something to discuss, don't hesitate to contact me, and don't forget... use your own name :). Alstublieft.

Groningen, in my lovely office
Donderdag, 13 Maart 2008




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