Sunday 25 May 2008


It is somewhat beautiful to have the light here within
Cheerful enough to lift up the spirit
Coloring my days
Brightening up my nights

It is somewhat painful to cover the bright star
Such that the sorrow sends that gloomy face
Frightening my soul
Turning down my smile

It is somewhat doubtful to observe the silence
That I start to stop listening
Pretending to be more selfish
Looking for some foolish things

It is somewhat regretful to skip the moments
One way around taking tougher path
Blowing apart the easiest one
Confusing the most simple part of life

It is somewhat fun
To rearrange the line of the stories
Moving ahead stepping each stage
Creating a lot of new chapters
Packing up all the laughters
Swinging up all the smiles
Collecting every warm embrace
Capturing all those happy times

Somewhat beautiful


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