Tuesday 8 July 2008


Knowledge is everywhere,,, and free
So keep up the spirit to learn more and more
Sooner or later you will realize
You are the master of your own life

Ilmu itu tidak berat untuk dibawa ke mana pun. Tersimpan praktis dan bisa dipakai kapan saja. Ilmu itu bak perhiasan yang senantiasa bersinar, yang jika tertutup pun... auranya tetap merambat tenang.

I looove something new, and I am heartily willing to learn new things. Although sometimes, I might be too passionate in learning it mrgreen. Learning something new is like getting a new friend, getting along with a new world, creating a new-fresh life atmosphere. It might create some surprises, the good and maybe the bad ones. But that's what makes it interesting though, because if all stay the same, at one point I might get bored wink. I seem to be always busy enjoying my world, looking for something new... making my world wider ... wider ... The more I learn, the more I realize... I know nothing about the world. Universe is too big, and knowledge is too huge. Knowledge is everywhere... but still it is too huge. Sometimes I think... my world is too small, and I want to make it more knowledgeable. It makes me even more interested in somebody else's world. I am curious about what knowledge of world the person has gathered. Hi people, may I know you a little bit closer? Would you mind sharing your precious thoughts with me? Would you please teach me what you know about the world? Would you share your world with me? I would really love to learn something from you. I would really appreciate your kindness to introduce those new worlds to me.

But then at some points, there is saying which sometimes holds my move: don't be too full of knowledge, otherwise man will be afraid of you.

Souka na...

Hmm... if that's the case, doesn't it only show that he has no confidence over himself? He has his own world, he has his own knowledge of life. What in the world there is problem of being afraid of somebody else's world??? And instead of holding my adventure of learning more knowledge, I begin to feel afraid of getting close to man. If you are afraid of me, I am afraid of you even more, cause I find it a little bit strange and unfamiliar.

The best way to live the life is being free. Free to choose, free to explore, free to take adventure, free to learn, free to experience many things. That includes searching value of life and a well trained responsibility. It doesn't matter how old your age is, the important thing is how deep you value your self, how big you respect your life, and how wise you acknowledge other's. The more you know yourself, the more you love your world.

I might be very accurate in making programs, in details and comprehensive, based on acceptable reasoning and logic. But one thing I notice, I -hate to admit it but it's true- don't like taking vital decision. If I have to, I can, but I know too well, I hate deciding something. I know for sure that I am the captain of my life, but there is a missing piece such that I have to consider the existence of someone else to navigate my life. Such a pity to realize, the more I understand my self, the more I get along with world, the more I feel incomplete.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader -John Quincy Adams-

I prefer to choose that part, not as a heavy decision maker, but at least as the inspirer. Actually it is great to know that each one has unique role. That shows more human aspects, and that's great. It is great feeling needed, and even more interesting if one gets inspired by my "unique me" life. Although sometimes, I am distracted by people who -for good reason I believe- try to get close to me, which -for silly reason I am afraid- annoying. For many times I always try to be nice, give my best smile, and being friendly as best as I can. But then I realize, somebody might interpret that wrong. In the end, we cannot make everyone happy. There is time when hurting somebody is the best choice. It's life after all and feeling great about yourself is a key of happiness.

There are two ways to recognize your soul mate. Through Magic - meaning : entering a state of trance in which you can see a bright spot over the shoulder of your soul mate - or, by taking risks, by making mistakes, by being with the wrong people until you find your soul mate. So here is my question: Would you try to find your soul mate through magic or by taking risks, making mistakes? -Paulo Coelho, in Brida-

I find so many different points of view about the term soul mate. Let's say there is different thought between a very religious man compared to "universal sense". In principal of "getting knowledge anywhere, any time", my very subjective feeling concludes that to get a very wide open minded and holistic view, religion only is not enough. I always remember that al-ayah is divided into two parts: qouliyah and qouniyah. I cannot just sit nicely at home without doing anything if I want to understand life completely. I have to get life and move on.

Bad thing to say that I am not a person who loves taking risk. I love adventures, I love new things, I love challenges -which of course there are risks all over-, but I don't like taking risks [who does anyway? razz]. Indeed, I love managing my time, my role, such that I can avoid risk. Theoretically, before facing risk, I have to be able to estimate the risk that might come, and do my best to prevent it. So far so good [I always say life is good, no matter happens mrgreen]. And good news, lately I have my self willing to take risks.

Somehow, it is nice to get older, cause I have chance to value life even more. Regarding fact that I get used to be the captain of my life, but sooner or later I might have to trust my own life to somebody else. Accepting someone with new world, new thought, new habit, well... seem to be quite tricky process. In the old days I always said I wasn't ready to have other nahkoda order my life [who the heck is he that I have to say "yes yes" to please him -bad thought, I know razz-]. One might need huge energy to impress me, to amaze me, showing how amazing, gorgeous, brilliant, hilarious person he is. Sometimes I want to whisper "don't try too hard... take it easy... if you are the one, my heart will recognize you very well, otherwise you frighten me for sure". But then I begin to feel tired observing that phenomena, and of course -the selfish of me- begin to look for -or should I say wait for?- someone different, someone more human. I know too well that I am stubborn, thus I always pray, "Ya Allah... if he is the one, please let my heart recognize and accept him completely, the way he is. If he is really the one, may we love each other because of You. But if he is not the one, if there is someone else who can make him happier, please let them meet soon. May he always be happy in every moment of his life".

I find an interesting quote, good to realize:

It's only in the mysterious equation of love that any logical reasons can be found -John Nash, A Beautiful Mind-

-Ngacaprak ngabeberah sakit gigi... duh... gigi bungsu... gigi bungsu... sad-


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