Sunday 19 April 2009


Vorige dag ben ik naar Keukenhof geweest... Yay, de tweede maal .... tulpen te zien, heel mooie bloemen.

Anyway, some impulsive actions happened lately 19. Yap, I get stressed. Well, it's PhD world, so it's not that surprising to get stressed everyday... but this time, it's like tearing my body apart. I mean it. I am so tired... 1. So yeah, again, I lose some of my weight. I don't have any appetite to eat. Have no energy left to prepare some healthy food. I happened to feel like working without feeling. No fun, no excitement.... it's just boring, yet I have to finish it soon. Plus, my energy was absorbed too much to understand the world, whatever you name it, it exhausted my soul.

So, I bought some things collectible:
- apparels. Some new silk/chiffon dresses of this spring collection. Also another funky-wangky collections from Esprit, Mexx, and Fila... and another Triumph's design too razz. Some people might wonder why a single woman spends some money on lingerie, which no body will see it. Well, it' s just a matter of pampering my body. I work so hard to earn money. This body deserves to have some nice fabrics. And I feel more comfortable. So who cares if no body sees it anyway.
- jewelry. I bought some necklaces. Again, I wear it for my self razz. When I am in a big stress, it's just refreshing to see and wear something sparkling, heheheh. Some are made of pearl (the Tahitian's are cute), sapphire, ruby, amethyst, some other cute stones-you name it. I start to like sterling silver even more, it's cheap mrgreen.
- skin care. Again, I bought some new things. I just feel like taking care of my body more intensively. I really like the new nail buffer, it's Ezflow pro shine nail buffer. It works great. Also I like my new lip gloss, Dior Rouge Creme de Gloss 255. Dior's collection does knows how to pamper its customer. Oh well, I bought a jump-rope for skipping too. So before and after starting my day in the lab, I do some exercises. Again, to take care of my body,,, my health, heheh.

Ezflow Pro Shine

Dior Creme de Gloss 255

When I saw the latest statement of my bank account... 15 ... wakwaw ... hueheheh. Just kidding. I did spent some money. But ... well, it's supposed to be worth it. And believe me, when you buy something more than 10 euros for one item, then it's expensive razz. The Esprit and Mexx T-shirt costed each around 6 euros (from original price 30-40 euros... yay! I love aanbieding). But yeah,,, a piece of silk dress costs me around 20 dollars, yet I bought it, oh well... more than one.... because they are cuteeeeeeee...heuheuheu.

It's my money, but somehow I feel ... hmm... weird, kind of feeling guilty maybe. I am supposed to save a lot this month, but... Mommy... sometimes your cute innocent daughter does needs some gorgeous things around to excite her life more, so please understand.... ngaistanah

So based on calculation, I may not use my having-fun-fund for the next two, oh no ... three months.... nightmare

Owh, may gawd... 2



And to entertain my self, I just watched a lot of series of Barbie's movies. Haha, you just need to sit nicely in front of your laptop, bring some food, no need to think,... just watch the cartoons moving and acting by them selves, and by the time you just know that the movie ends already... then watch another movie, and so on, and so on....

Sometimes, I don't know what I am actually doing.... capedeh


ganDA RAHman garNADI said...

wow... boros kali... and brand-minded tampaknya... hehe.... hati-hati nanti bingung nyimpen. closetnya uda kepenuhan tampaknya... :D

btw, daripada nonton barbie..., mendingan nonton LOST the series. Keren lho! Very very smart, out of the box scenario..! (hehe, nebar virus lagi ni)

Rachmawati said...

What a persuasive person you are ;p.

Rachma mah gak brand-minded,,, tapi lucu-minded :D. Tapi iya sih kali ini mah emang udah masuk kategori boros -_- ... gak lagi-lagi deh (artinya manajemen stresnya mesti lebih baik :D ).

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