Friday 20 June 2008

Kokoro no uta

Observe, listen, and decide

There is time, for unexpected reason, I want to dive into your heart
To understand it well, to know what actually you are trying to say
I can feel it for sure, but I might be too afraid to get it wrong
Not to mention those beautiful moments, I think it will be nice to know you better

Sometimes, I find it hard to understand your words
Such that I have to play around with so many probabilities
If there is a formula to make it more simple
I would really love to learn it well

While wondering what actually the pattern of your mind is
Somehow I find it interesting, every tone of your word presents a beautiful song
Along with a funny thing I often ask within a smile, is it really that hard to be honest?
But as long as you are happy, as long as you smile a lot
As long as you laugh heartily, I guess I don't need to ask much more

The star I often observe up there always blinks beautifully
it ensures me not to feel lonely
but today I am so tired to open my eyes
would you mind to see it for me?


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